The Challenge

The Daily Bible Challenge

Purpose: Be encouraged by reading daily.

(1) Download the Daily Bible App in the Google Play Store. Once you have downloaded the Daily Bible app you will begin to get your notifications the very next morning. It is preset to alert you and you will receive your notification icon at 6:30 am. If you would like a different time, go to settings, go to more and enter the time you would like your daily reminder. I recommend setting it at a time before you get up in the morning so that the notification icon will always be populated in the top of the screen before you touch your phone. Discipline is Key! – promise yourself not to read a text message, make a phone call or do any other task in your phone before you read the Daily Bible verse. This is important in order for the challenge to be effective in your personal life. Read the about section for my personal testimony.

(2) Post the scripture of the day to Facebook for one week straight – 7 days

(3) Call Out at least 10 friends to take the “Daily Bible Challenge” send them to this site for instructions and… that’s it!

Note: The button to share the verse on Facebook is at the bottom of the screen in the bible app. Click this link to download the Daily Bible app by Joan Soft to get started now!

If you successfully completed the challenge of installing, reading and posting the bible verse on of Facebook for 7 days or more. Your awesome!


Going a Step Further – Next Level Blessings

While reading is important we can go to the next level of building our relationship with God through prayer. Get into the habit of praying right after you read your bible verse. Since you promised yourself not to do anything in your phone before you read your bible verse just follow that commitment with prayer. You will definitely be creating a healthy habit that will help you grow in commitment, love and relation with God.

Then add a reminder to your phone to alert you to pray. Set it to go off right before your bed time. This will help remind you to pray. If you do this you will be now praying twice a day. Note: Every phone have an alarm clock. Set it to go off daily (7 days a week). Entitle it “Pray Before You Lay”. Blessings await you, discipline yourself and stay committed!


1 Corinthians 2:9 But as it is written: “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.


Challenge Extra: Get posted on the front page of BDC for your dedication

If you installed the Daily Bible app and you now receive the scripture of the day that’s great! Your on your way to a better you. You have taken a big step and that’s awesome.

We do realize that everyone will not efficiently complete the challenge by posting the daily scripture on Facebook for 7 days straight and call out 10 friends to take the challenge. We would like to acknowledge a blessed individual for their commitment to the challenge. For accuracy we’ll check the Facebook page of our participants to see who stayed dedicated to the challenge. The information will be used to select the winner. The winner will be posted on the front page of DBC and also on our Facebook page. The Daily Bible Challenge Extra will begin once we have 100 participants. To enter you must give us permission to post your picture by providing us with your contact information Enter the contest here.

Note: No matter how many days you participated in the challenge you made a step in bettering yourself and hopefully “The Daily Bible challenge” helps you. Continue reading, posting, sharing and growing. Please leave a comment and let us know if this challenge has helped you or changed your life and has gaven you a growth spurt in changing your relation with God. Thanks for being a part of the Daily Bible Challenge, invite friends, family and Like us on Facebook.

A Challenge inspired! Please read the about section

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