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Installing the Daily Bible is one of the biggest steps in improving your life you could have taken. Thank you for being a part of this life changing challenge. No matter how many days you read the daily verse you are a winner. Continue to be inspired by reading daily and be an inspiration to others by sharing the Daily Bible Challenge on Facebook and other social media platforms with others.

Star rate your participation

3 Stars – If you read and shared at least 3-4 times

4 Stars – If you read and shared at least 5-6 times

5 Stars – If you read and shared at least 7 or more times

If you have successfully completed the challenge and you want to be entered into a chance to win a $50 gift card. See The Challenge page and scroll down to the challenge extra for details.  Thanks for your participating.

Rating Yourself (Add to bottom of challenge page if used)

After you have completed the challenge visit us again and Star Rate your participation. Star rating your participation gives us a count of the actual participants and also encourage other users show them the number of participants when they visit our site. You’ll give yourself…

3 stars – if you did it for at least 3 days / Great!

4 stars – if you did it for 4 – 5 days / Excellent!

5 Stars – if you did it for 7 or more days / Awesome! Challenge complete!

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