Over the years there has been many bible challenges but what makes this one unique is you can’t forget to take the challenge. You will be reminded of this challenge every day and the tool you need is right at your finger tips. I came up with this challenge because as a God loving and God fearing person respecting His purpose, I desire to be closer to the Lord not only to help fulfill Gods purpose in me but also to help to others. I have been doing things the way I want and living life according to how I want to and reading the bible had never been a habit in my life. Desiring to get closer to God One day I decided to install the Daily Bible and it was preset to alert me at 6:30 am. That time was a good time for me because when I do get up the ICON will be at the top of my phone screen like any other message icon. I used that as a helpful way to keep me on track of reading the Bible daily.

I made a promise to myself that when I pick up my phone in the morning I would not read a text message, make a phone call or do any other task in my phone before I read the Daily Bible verse. I started doing this about a year and a half ago. It’s has now became a habit. I have noticed on mornings if my phone died, when I turn it back on the ICON would not be there. I actually look for it. By habit, now I open the “Daily Bible” and read the verse of the day for my self. Sometimes the scripture is so compelling I open up that chapter and read the whole chapter to the verse. So I find myself doing more reading than I normally do. Its helping me get closer to the Lord and helping my walk with the Lord. I want to put some positivity in the atmosphere and help as many people as I can get closer to the Lord. We must take steps to become better and this is very well where they can begin.



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